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Donosti Master Cup

Donostia - San Sebastian
from 3 to 5 June 2022



20 clubs have already signed up

20 clubs have already signed up to participate in the next edition of the event

The 8th edition of the Donosti Masters Cup is taking shape and 20 clubs are already confirmed in addition to numerous clubs interested in participating in the next edition that will take place from June 3 to 5. To date, teams from Mexico, Uruguay, France and Spain are already registered. Remember that this is an open tournament where formed teams or teams that are made just for the occasion can participate. Interested teams may register in three men's categories (over 35, 45 and 50 years of age) and one in women's category: over 30 years of age....

8th edition


will be held between 3 - 5 June

The 2022 Donosti Masters Cup will be held between 3 - 5 June

The 8th edition will take place between 4-6 June and it will have three men's categories for over 35, 45 and 50 years old, and one women category for over 30 years old. This International Veteran Football Tournament has already become one of the leading events on the national scene and will bring again together many teams from different nationalities. In the last edition, in 2021, marked by the health crisis, there were 40 teams that participated in the tournament representing Spain, France, and Argentina, and many teams from different cities of Spain.

Madrid and Gipuzkoa, winners


Rte. La Historia (+35), Hondarribia (+45), Sanagus (+50) and Eibar emakumezkoetan, winners at Donosti Masters Cup 2021

The veterans "Donosti Masters Cup 2021" Tournament offers a great level of football in its seventh edition.

Play Off per category



Play Off schedule has already been released

The 7th edition of the Donosti Masters Cup will run all its play offs at Real Sociedad's sport ground. Play Off schedule has already been released. The women category will be played in Zubieta in the morning, with its final at mid-day, whilst the rest of the teams from the other four venues will travel to the sport ground for the afternoon play offs.

Draw of groups


schedule to be released on Tuesday

VII Donosti Masters Cup’s edition schedule to be released next Tuesday

The next edition will be run next Saturday, 3rd of July In two-week time the ball will again be rolling at the Donosti Masters Cup. The Group stage draw will be run next Monday and on Tuesday, all the fixtures of the 7th edition of the Tournament will be released.