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Donosti Master Cup

Donostia - San Sebastian
from 31 May to 2 June 2024


1. Tournament rules

International Youth Football Tournament Donosti Cup will be played in accordance with FIFA and SPANISH FOOTBALL FEDERATION rules (F.E.F.).

2. Categories


. B-35 Players born before 31-12-1989
B-45 Players born before 31-12-1979
B-50 Players born before 31-12-1974
B-55 Players born before 31-12-1969


. G-30 Players born before 31-12-1994


. +60 Walking Football Players born before 31-12-1964

Special permits:

  • In the +35 category, a maximum of 2 players born between 1-1-1989 and 31-12-1992 (31-34 years old) may be called for each match.
  • In the +45 category, a maximum of 2 players born between 1-1-1979 and 31-12-1982 (41-44 years old) may be called up for each match.
  • In the +50 category, a maximum of 2 players born between 1-1-1974 and 31-12-1977 (46-49 years old) may be called for each match.
  • In the +55 category, a maximum of 2 players born between 1-1-1970 and 31-12-1973 (51-54 years old) may be called for each match.

3. Competition system

Groups of 4 teams will play one leg league. After the league the Play Offs will be played. The first 2 teams will play the Champion League and the 3rd and 4th the B League. The competition will be held under the modality of 7-a-side soccer.

 Scoring System

 - Won matches: 3 points

 - Tied matches: 1 point

 - Lost matches: 0 point


Length of the match

 1 x 25 min.

4. Qualifying standards

1st phase (league)

 If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:

  • 1º- Particular Golaverage: Results of the matches played between the tied teams.
  • 2º- Overall points average. Difference of goals for and against, taking into account all the league matches (*)
  • 3rd- Fair play. Lower coefficient in disciplinary sanctions. (Point 11).
  • 4º- Higher number of goals scored in favour, taking into account all league matches.
  • 5º- Computer draw

(*) In case of a triple tie, the goals scored and received by the teams not involved will not be taken into account.

 2nd phase (Final Phase) (Play Off)

 Draws in the play-off will be decided by penalty kicks, without extra time, following the FIFA rules. The five players shooting the penalties must be chosen from the 7 ones that finished the match. These 7 players from both teams will follow the penalty kicks from the middle of the field. Staff, coaches and substitutes will stay at the bench or outside the playing ground.

5.- Number of players and substitutes

A team can register a maximum of 12 players and a maximum of 3 staff members on every match. A maximum of 5 substitutions including the one of the goalkeeper are allowed. SUBSTITUTIONS ARE ROTATIVES: a substituted player may reenter the match. All the substitutions must be made from the center of the field, requesting authorization to the referee and once the game is stopped.

6.- Accreditations

A bracelet will be given to all players so that they are accredited.

7.- Minutes

The organization will provide to each team the minute of each match, where just the list of players registered for the tournament will appear. Anyway the delegates of the teams will have to point out the number of the called players 15 minutes before each match.

8.- Clothing

All shirts will be numbered and must correspond to ones in players' list. Numbers must be on the backs of the shirts. In case of similarity of t-shirts, visitor players should to change their shirt. (Visitor team is the one appearing last in the program).

9.- Football fields

All games will be played on artificial grass fields. It is strictly forbidden to use aluminium studs in the fields of artificial grass.

10.- Puntuality

Match timetables will be strictly respected. The team must be ready 10 min. before the kick-off. Any team not appearing at the field will be declared loser by 3 - 0. Match breaks last 4 minutes in 7-a-side categories. During the break all teams are asked to stay in the pitch.


Any player sent off with a direct red card will be suspended for the one or two matches or sent off for the rest of the competition (depending on the seriousness). Any player accumulating 3 warnings (yellow cards) during the tournament will be suspended for the next match. Bookings will be accumulated throughout the whole tournament and will not be cleared for the next round of the tournament.

 Any team showing bad behaviour during the competition (wrong protests to referees’ decisions, arguments with other teams responsible and the organisers) could be automatically sent off.

Teams are responsible for their supporters' behaviour. All cases of severe expulsions will be reported to the football federation in question by sending the names of the implicated players.

Delegates are responsible of their player’s behaviour and attitude to/with referees, team partners, opponents, spectators, organization and the facilities where matches will be played (changing rooms, benches, paying grounds…)

The organization will check the changing rooms with both team delegates before and after each match. The delegate will have to sign in case of any damages to make sure that the person (the player, delegate, team or persona) who made the damages remains as the responsible of them.

 All the serious sending off cases will be studied by the Tournament to forbid their participation in next editions. This rule may affect to single players or whole teams.

12.- Protests

Any and all protests must be made in writing by the team manager not later than 60 minutes after the match is finished. Protest must be delivered to the information centre. A protest fee of 50 Euros will be paid at that time. This fee will be refunded if the protest is approved. The tournament committee will not consider protests regarding decisions taken by the referees.

13.- Competition committee

The competition committee meets every day. They talk and discuss about all important questions happened during the day. The decisions cannot be appealed. All participants must accept their decisions. They will verified the bracelet before the matches

14.- Playing program

The organizing committee hast the right to change the groups, times and fields. Notice about this will be given to all team delegates. Also they will published the modification in Internet.

15.- Insurance

The injuries that may occur practising Football are not the responsibility of the organisation