Donostia - San Sebastián
from 31 May to 2 June 2024

The 30-team barrier has been surpassed!

First entries

The 30-team barrier has been surpassed!

With four months to go until the start of the tournament, more than 30 teams from 5 countries have confirmed their attendance to the Donosti Masters Cup.

The early bird was the Mexican team Tijuana 664 FC, which after last year's great experience, will participate again in 2024 with 3 teams in the men's categories +35 and +45, and in the women's category +30.

It has been followed by other teams from France, Spain, and another one from Mexico. Some of them, known in the tournament in more than one of the editions: Olimaja, Municipaux Villenave, FC Saint Medard en Jalles,...and others that will participate for the first time such as Newteam, FC Creonnais, Olympique St Louis, Boilers FC,.....

As for the categories, for the moment the most demanded is the +35, followed by the +45 category.

We welcome all teams to the tournament.