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Donosti Master Cup

Donostia - San Sebastian
from 2 to 4 June 2023

It's kick off time

In 48 hours the 8th edition of the Donosti Masters Cup kicks off

On Friday the 3rd at 18h the ball will start rolling on the Berio pitch and it will not stop until Saturday at 21h when the last finals are expected to conclude in the Z4 of Zubieta.

This eighth edition will once again bring exciting numbers, with more than 50 teams registered teams from 6 different countries. This year there will be 53 teams distributed in 4 categories (+30 female, +35 +45 +50 in the male category) who will compete on Friday and Saturday to become champions of the "Champions League" or the "Continental Cup". An event that goes beyond the boundaries of competition and allows an atmosphere of camaraderie, fellowship, fair play, and above all, shows that age is nothing more than a number with a good attitude.

On Friday from 16 to 20h the teams will be received, and accreditations and gifts will be handed out at the Hotel Costa Vasca. At the same time, matches in the +50, +35, and +45 categories will be played on the Berio pitch from 18 to 20h. After the opening day, there will be a reception for the participating teams at the iconic Miramar Palace from 21h.

On Saturday morning the group phase will be played. In the venues of Berio, Matigoxotegi, Cesar Benito, Jesus Mari Zamora-Don Bosco, and Martutene all the teams will play for a place in the final phase. The women's +30 category will be played in its entirety at Cesar Benito during the morning, including the final phase. In the afternoon, on the Z4 and Z5 fields of Zubieta, the final phases of the Champions League (first and second of each group) and the Continental Cup (third and fourth of each group) will be played. The finals will take place in the Z4 from 19:30 in the evening.

Cheers and good luck to all participants!