Donosti Master Cup

Donostia - San Sebastian
from 5 to 7 June 20

New entry


The Pont du Casse club

The Pont du Casse club will represent France again

France has a new team representing its country as we have received a new registration of the Football Club Pont Du Casse Foulayronnes. This French club is the result of the mixture of two clubs in June 2002 from Agen, the club CO Pont du Casse and the AS Caoulet-Foulayronnes. This year, they will play the tournament for the third time and they will come with two teams again, one will play in the +35 category and the other, in the +45...

2 teams from London


Battersea Park and B Park Rangers

Battersea Park and Battersea Park Rangers have confirmed their participation

One more year the veterans' tournament will count with the participation of the two London teams that have already become habitual in the Donosti Masters Cup. One is Battersea Park team, who will participate in the tournament for the fifth consecutive year in the +35 category and the other one is Battersea Park Rangers, ...

Category G35


Olympia CFF

Olympia CFF, first girls’ club registered at Veterans’ Tournament

The club Olympia CFF from Madrid, will participate for the first time in the veterans’ tournament 2019 Donosti Masters Cup with a team in the G35 category. This club was founded in 2015, and it is the only girls’ club in the Community of Madrid with teams in all categories, from Benjamin to Veterans.

First interested 2019 DMC


First interested teams at the 2019 Donosti Masters Cup

A few weeks ago, we opened the deadline to participate at the fifth edition of the veterans’ tournament Donosti Masters Cup and many teams have already requested information about the new edition....


Real Union and Real Madrid played against each other in a friendly match in commemoration of the centenary of the Spanish Cup of 1918

Real Union, usual team in the Donosti Masters Cup, played against the Real Madrid in a friendly match yesterday, on the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Cup of 1918, year when the Basque team won the championship.


Donosti Masters Cup 2019 presents the new promotional brochure

The official brochure of the Donosti Masters Cup 2019 is already available! You just need to click here and you will see it as if you have it on your hands.